From 1568 to 1648, the Netherlands was under the spell of the 80 Years' War. During this time, the Netherlands was occupied by the Spanish king Philip 2 and his descendants, who tried to nip growing Protestantism in the bud.

After the war, Protestantism was the only permitted faith. As a result, Catholics were forced to practice their faith in secret in various hideaway churches in the Netherlands. Hotel Museumkwartier was one such hidden church. On the second floor at the front of the hotel was the altar.

Later, the Catholics received a permit allowing them to build a hidden church in the garden of the building, with entrance at the back. Oudegracht 399 then functioned as the presbytery. In 1899 the hidden church was demolished and the present church was built next to Hotel Museumkwartier. Among other things, this church served as the church of Juinen in the television program of Van Kooten and De Bie, a well-known Dutch television program.

St. Martin's church with rectory

About us

These are Jaap and his daughter Rosa, the owners of Hotel Museumkwartier. Besides being the owners of this characteristic hotel, they also have another connection with it. They used to live there themselves. That makes this hotel a dear place to them, with many memories attached. They bid you welcome!

Rosa has, with her business administration studies, the right baggage to run this hotel. She has experience in various companies and as a true student of Utrecht, she knows the city like the back of her hand.

Jaap is verantwoordelijk voor de verbouwing en inrichting van het hotel. Vanaf 1973 heeft hij de antiekhandel en het vastgoed tot zijn werk gemaakt. Hij heeft zijn collectie, de LJ Mennink Collectie, in de afgelopen vijf decennia zorgvuldig opgebouwd. Meer zien? Ga naar https://ljmennink.nl/ Daarnaast heeft hij diverse panden in Utrecht gerestaureerd en ontwikkeld met zijn antiquairs visie. In 1990 hij zichzelf getrakteerd op het grachtenpand Oudegracht 399. Dat heeft hij 5 jaar geleden tot hotel ontwikkeld met Biedermeier als inspiratie.